• How to login the server?
  • How to submit a homework?
  • How to use the Linux Server and Argument Manager?
  • How to debug in Linux?
  • How to debug in Visual Studio 2017? (Minor differences from VS2019)
  • How to name Extras?
    • All the extras should under the root of your Linux server, each extra in a separated folder.
    • The folder’s name of your extras should be extra_m_w_n. (m means the month when the extra was given, should between 8-11 for fall semester; 1-5 for spring semester. w means the week of the extra was given, should between 1-5. n means the number of the extra, if only one extra was given in that week, use 1, if two were given, use 1, 2, like extra_2_1_1 and extra_2_1_2. The order is important. n should between 1-5)
  • Grading policy

  • When homework turned in later than the due day but less than 2 days, the full grade will be 80%, later than that but less than 4 days, the full grade will be 50%, after that would be treated as give up, the grade would be 0.

  • If you want to regrade your homework after the first deadline, you may modify your code and upload them again to the same hw folder. Wait 2 days more until the date for late submission, all the homeworks will be regrade at each deadline. If you got 50 for the first grading, you got 80 for the second grading, your final grade would be 50 + (80-50)*80% = 74. if the last time you got 100, your grade would be 50 + (80-50)*80% + (100-80)*50%=84. The final grade only incremental.

  • How to regrade?

    • Update new version of your source files to the hw1 to hw5 folder (depends on the homework you are working), wait to the regrading time. The regrading time is the same time of the first grading. Like 10:00 pm will always 10:00 pm.