• What is an Extra Program?
  • Extra problem is any program you compile and run from the textbook and/or from the lecture, or you did while studying online or while practicing.
  • Usually no detailed instructions for extra programs. The student can design the program and test cases freely and add additional functionality to the main program.
  • Each extra should be under the root with a folder name extra_m_w_n. The order is important (m means the month when the extra is given, should between 8-11 for fall semester; 1-5 for spring semester. w means the week of the extra was given, should between 1-5. n means the number of the extra, if only one extra was given in that week, use 1, if two were given, use 1, 2, like extra_2_1_1 and extra_2_1_2, n should between 1-5)
  • Extras will not be included in the grading system; however, they help boost your grade if ever your total grade is in the upper part of a grade range.
  • At the end of the semester, we will run a script to verify all submissions. Be careful if the name is not correct you will get a zero.
  • Submitting extra programs is optional.