Student FAQs

UH Student FAQs.

What is the UH student’s role in the CS Consulting Clinic? ?

Students take the lead representing the CSCC’s clients under the supervision of the program director. Students are given a combination of clients with which to work during the semester including small businesses, aspiring entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizations. Students will have the opportunity to implement a solution such as developing an information system for an organization’s administrators, developing a web site for an organization or school, developing classroom software for a school, implementing a network for an organization, implementing urban technology project, and analyzing data at all levels. Students will also have an opportunity to improve their public speaking skills through the clinic’s partnership with the SURE Program at the C.T. Bauer College of Business for which CSCC students will prepare and perform presentations on a range of computer science topics during the course of the semester.

What does UH Student get out of the CS Consulting Clinic?

The CSCC provides students with a qualified opportunity to enhance their problem solving skills by integrating the following steps: Identifying the problem, analyzing data relevant to issues from different perspectives, selecting appropriate method to solve problems effectively and creatively, identifying the appropriate technology to use with a solution, understanding the implementation of a creative solution, making a decision, interpreting results and writing reports.

The assessment rubrics for problem solving are independent. Every level reflects the mastering of knowledge. The first level will be limited knowledge in applying skills by identifying the problem. The second level will be basic demonstration in applying knowledge and skills in addressing more than one perspective to distinguish between fact, opinion and to acknowledge value judgments including perspectives drawn from outside information. The third level will be comprehensive skills in applying essential knowledge and skill by examining the evidence and analyzing the scope and context. The fourth level will be through demonstration in applying effective and sophisticated knowledge and skill by Identifying and discussing conclusions.

Teamwork will be integrated by sharing ideas, by engaging all team members in discussion and contribution, by encouraging team members to ask questions, to put forward ideas to enhance their effectiveness and completing tasks, by providing learning opportunities on an ongoing basis, to strengthen the skills and capabilities of growth and development and by cooperating at all levels. The assessment rubrics for teamwork can be measured by Teamwork skills, project planning skills, and fostering a team climate.

How often does the class meet?

The CSCC has a classroom component that meets for two hours a week for fourteen weeks over the course of the semester. Student entrepreneurs present and discuss their client matters during class meetings. The classroom component also provides students with a solid understanding of contract drafting and other skills necessary to be a successful scientist. Students are required to devote 50 clinic hours per course credit during the semester. This means that students will be expected to devote either 150 or 200 total hours to clinic work.

Can part time students take the course?

Yes. Part time students have the opportunity to work with a faculty member who offers evening and weekend supervision by appointment.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, please contact Nouhad Rizk, Instructional Professor and CSCC Director, at .