Potential Client

Potential Client FAQs.

What is the CS Consulting Clinic?

Universities have been transformed in many ways, major and minor. It is truly time to create a new kind of a real-world setting that provides access to experience to a much more diverse student population, as easily as it reaches out to “engage” the larger community. The CS Consulting Clinic is a framework for integrating experiential learning and service-learning effectively into computer science curriculum. In the Consulting Clinic course students will act as consultant to Houston entrepreneurs within the SURE™ Program. It is a practicum course for computer science students using SURE Entrepreneurs as clients. The CS Consulting Clinic will be expanded as a partnership with the Executive Service Corps of Houston (ESCH). The large number of nonprofit clients of ESCH’s need computing services. It is a great opportunity to enhance the learning experience of UH students by utilizing their technical skills to solve the problem of selected nonprofits clients. Consulting Clinic will embrace an important aspect of learning and discovery “engagement,” will enhance society through community engagement, expertise and learning opportunity in experiential learning settings, and will prepare students for productive citizenship.

Who can become a client of the CS Consulting Clinic?

Houston-area entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations who require technological services that fall within the scope of services offered by the CSCC may apply. The CS Consulting Clinic is an in-house internship opportunity. The types of services the CSCC offers include the ability to implement a solution such as developing an information system for an organization’s administrators, developing a web site for an organization or school, developing classroom software for a school, implementing a network for an organization, implementing urban technology project, and analyzing data at all levels. For more information on organizations that specialize in copyright, trademark, and patent issues, visit our Helpful Resources page.

What do I need to do to apply for services?

Potential clients interested in the clinic should fill out an online potential client application by using the link under the Related Links box. We work with clients that are a good match for our student-led program and fit our other selection criteria. Because the CSCC’s capacity is limited, we are unable to provide assistance to all potential clients that submit an application. Even if you apply, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accept you as a client or provide assistance with any of the matters you describe in the application.

We attempt to provide an initial response to applicants within 10 business days. What will I have to pay if I am accepted as a client? Clients accepted by the CSCC does not have to pay, but highly encouraged to donate for the development and enhancement of the clinic.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, please contact Nouhad Rizk, Instructional Professor and CSCC Director, at njrizk@uh.edu.