Extra Problems

UH Student Extra Problems.

Fall2020_DateType_Dillon Zachariah

Fall2020_Searching BST_Murtaza Zaidi

Fall2020_Adding two linked lists_Arno Dunstatter

Fall2020_Binary Tree Inversion_Shaheer Khan

Fall2020_Palindrome Linked List (Leetcode)_Randolph Fermo Cardoza

Fall2020_Btree explanation_Mayowa Awojuyigbe

Fall2020_Btree Coding_Mayowa Awojuyigbe

Fall2020_Depth of a Tree_Neral Chowdary

Fall2020_Matrix Class_Santos Garcia

Fall2020_Return middle node LL_Dylan Cao

Fall2020_completing different equations with linked list_Rasean Branch

If you are intrested in recording, please contact Nouhad Rizk, Instructional Professor at njrizk@uh.edu .