In Collaboration with the SUREā„¢ Program at the C.T. Bauer College of Business.

Funded by Cougar Intitative to Engage.

Course Description The chief objective of this course is to make sure each student appreciates the value of experiential education where the students learn by applying theory and concepts to “real-world” situations.

Theoretical Learning Course Objectives

  • Equip the student with the tools necessary to succeed in a high-paced work environment and instilling a broad sense of the societal impact of IT
  • Address human, community, and environmental needs. Students are expected to work with people of many different backgrounds to identify and achieve goals. They need educational experiences that can help them broaden their skills.

Practical Learning Course Objectives

  1. Gain practical experience implementing the needed system.
  2. Gain experience in system analysis and design.
  3. Gain real world experience that embeds service learning.

Consulting Clinic course Objectives

  1. Collaboration between Computer Science and the SURE Program
  2. Create systems in a nontraditional, public service-oriented social context. It challenges them to evaluate and analyze the complex contributors associated with understanding the problem domain.
  3. Learn to leverage skills, education, and relationships to find solutions for the entrepreneurs by implementing the right software.
  4. Serve the community while also learning computer science concepts and skills.

Text Book

Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products By James A. Highsmith Addison-Wesley Professional; 2nd edition, ISBN-10: 0321658396ISBN-13: 978-0321658395.

Master Scrum/ TA: Hai Vu email:hdvu2@central.uh.edu